Thursday, December 2, 2010

5 Most Satisfying Things in Life

Some of the best things in life are for free. Here's a countdown of life's top 5 spiciest things...

5. When its a scorching hot day out, and your mouth is cracking because its so dry. You've been fantasizing about something cold to quench your thirst. Then you find it. You chug a nice ice cold glass of water.

4. When an unreachable spot on your back is itching. You use the edge of the door to scratch it, but you keep missing the spot. You grow more desperate and the spot grows itchier. Then that dear someone comes along to relieve you with the perfect scratch that hits the spot. Makes your eyes roll right up.

3. When you've been holding it all day long. Your bladder is about to explode. You finally get home, sprint to the toilet, and dive onto the seat. You let it rip. You experience 3 levels of euphoria. Your eyes roll.

2. When your kids do something real cute. You zoom onto them and forget about everything else going on. It's just you and them for a few moments and you feel like you want to eat them up because they're so scrumptious.

1. When your deep in prayer. You've managed to get full concentration. You live every word as you say it, and your body is filled with a serenity. You feel connected to Allah at that moment. Your heart is about to take off heaven-ward. You never want this moment to end!

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