Monday, November 8, 2010

A Eid Your Kids Will Never Forget

Deeply ingrained in most kids' minds is a Party that is far more superior than any other party in existence. A Party so amazing that it makes all other parties bow in respect. At this Party kids are dressed up, balloons are hung all around, and party games are played. Most exciting is the infamous cake, the plentiful candy, the stacks of presents, and the songs in the air. It's no wonder that kids consider this party to be the Ultimate Party. If you haven't guessed it by now, the mystery party is a Birthday Party.

While celebrating another year in existence has become common in most cultures, I think it's important to be as passionate about celeberating more important occasions such as Eid. So why hasn't Eid been the subject of exhilaration to the extent Birthday parties have been? I think its a matter of focus. We simply need to shift our focus to Eid.

So this year, let's all push to revolutionize Eid. Let's serve our kid's with the most delicious Eid their little minds can think of. Let's make Eid that gem that kids dream of and patiently wait for all year round. Let's turn Eid into the ultimate extravaganza. Let's scrap birthday parties and turn our kid’s attention towards Eid.

For the 2nd year standing, my wife and I have thrown Eid parties for our daughters. On the 3rd day of Eid we invite all of their friends. The girls get dressed up in their tiaras and tutus. We go all out with the party decorations. We have games, songs, and fun activities going on. We get a giant cake shaped to their favorite cartoon character. Everyone gets presents. Everyone is flooded with candy and treats.

The goal: To make kids drool when they hear that Eid is coming.

As Muslims, we need to embody the Islamic cultural within our kids. We need to get our kids excited about Islamic tradition. We need to provide our kids with an alternative to christmas, new years, independence day, and halloween parties. We need to create a fun, exciting alternative that our kids can be proud of and look forward to. We need to boost their Muslim pride and strengthen their sense of belonging. The Eid initiative is one step in that direction.


  1. Nice article. It reminds me of Waterloo's Eid parties. They would rent a big space, like a school, and rent big inflatable party games, have a big room set up as a cinema, have a video games section, tonnes of candy and food ... I hope this mentality & attitude comes back again to our region

  2. mohamed Abdel-WarithNovember 9, 2010 at 9:37 PM

    Excellent Idea, Thanks a lot for this valuable hint


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