Sunday, November 15, 2009

Turn a Red Paper Clip into a House

An inspiring story about the power of the mind. The limitless nature that knows no boundaries. Don't make money a hurdle to growth and wealth. Money only hinders creativity and potential. Unleash the mind to create opportunities from thin air.

A young man from Montreal woke up one morning and decided that he wanted a new house. He hadn't the money to buy the house. Creative thinking stormed the air. He finally decided to embark on a journey to turn a little red paper clip into a brand new house.

Kyle MacDonald traded one red paperclip on July 12 2005 and 14 trades later, on July 12, 2006 he traded with the Town of Kipling Saskatchewan for a house located at 503 Main Street. He traded a:

1. Red Paper Clip for a Fish Pen
2. Fish pen for a happy face door knob
3. Door Knob for a mini barbecue grill
4. Grill for a power generator
5. Generator for a beer keg
5. Keg for a snow mobile
6. Snow mobile for a One Week Trip to a small town called Yahk
7. Yahk trip for a Truck
8. Truck for a Recording Contract
9. Recording Contract for 1 years rent in a One Bedroom house in Phoenix
10. 1 Year rent for a 1/2 a day with Alice Cooper
11. Alice Cooper for a KISS snow globe
12. Snow Globe for a starring role in a film
13. Film role for a House in Saskatchewan.

You can create something out of nothing.

Check out the video below:

Kyle's blog:

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