Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Blind Man's Ad

A blind man sat on the ground. His filthy clothes were stained with black oil spots. His hair was covered with a smelly rag. He sat legs flat on the ground, holding a hat to collect money in. A dirty card board sign stood by him. The sign read, "I'm blind. Please help me."

A wealthy man walked by and saw this blind man crouched on the sidewalk. He looked into the collection hat and noticed only a few petty coins. He felt sorry for him and decided to take action. He took the sign away. A few minutes later, he gave it back to the blind man and walked away.

An hour had gone by and money started piling up in the hat like never before. The blind man could feel bundles of paper money. He began to wonder what the sign said. So he stopped a girl passing by and asked her to read the sign. The sign read, "Today is a beautiful day, but I can't see it!"

It's the way that you present yourself that matters.


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  2. It is really nice story that show how the word could change people's behaviour and how man should know who to deal with others
    thank you my friend and best of luck


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