Friday, July 24, 2009


I was relaxing on the plane gazing out the window watching the aircraft take off. The beautiful scenery flashed in the background. The city was crawling with vehicles and pedestrians. I narrowed my gaze on the people as we climbed skyward. They soon began to fade into little black dots and the buildings into slightly larger gray spots. Soon I was looking down at a mountain top which was now the size of a walnut. We were only at a few thousand feet high!

At 20,000 feet I wasn't able to see a person. Makes you think... Each person considers himself to be the world. Day-in day-out he lives for himself and believes the world revolves around his life. Yet at 20,000 feet he can't even be seen. What about from space, only a few thousand miles away from earth? The entire earth would only be a small golf ball floating around in the depths of darkness. Amazingly all of mankind's majestic space exploration has yet to penetrate "the first sky". But we do know that if you journey far enough within the first sky, the earth's solar system fades to black. One can't even begin to imagine the great distance of "the second sky", or better yet "the seventh sky". I suddenly zoomed back down to earth and further down to a person.

In perspective, we really are insignificant. We are like ants roaming around in a huge backyard. Billions of us plaguing an area the size of a golf ball. Yet as insignificant as we are and as tiny as we may be, I am still proud to be. For if I raise my hands towards the sky and call upon "The Master of the Universe", I am sure that He will respond. It absolutely blows my mind how valuable we are to God. He is there day and night to attend to us. Although we may ask for meager things, He promises to still respond. His mercy and forgiveness encompasses all things.

But yet more eye opening is the fact that while God is The King of Kings and the Master of all Things, we can easily enter upon him as we please. We simply raise our hands and focus our hearts, and "The King" minds our knock. In perspective, picture a king of this world. He reigns over vast lands and has power over millions. How hard do you think it would be to meet this king. If you were merely a commoner amongst the people, it would be near impossible to meet him. You would probably have to do a backward somersault while blindfolded and land in a shallow bucket of water just to get an appointment.

But not the King of Kings. What did we do to deserve such honor?

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